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Our delicious meal prep plans, these are some of our customer’s favourites.
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Why choose ONCO?

Locally sourced produce
ethically sourced meats, fish and poultry.
Organic wholesome grains as nature intended
Diverse variety of plans for all
All plans developed by nutritionist
All meals prepared by our expert chefs
Delivered fresh to your door
No artificial ingredients or preservatives
Optimal hassle-free delicious meals

What people say

Dakota Ditcheva

professional MMA athlete

How was the quality of the meals?

From the presentation to the taste, every single one of my meals on plan were delicious. The menu itself, for each week, was perfect for me. The selection of dishes made me feel like I wasn’t missing out on anything by eating clean. In fact, I had more of a variation of food in my prep then I would have if I was cooking myself! Every meal stayed fresh and definitely kept its flavour.

How convenient was it for you to have food delivered and prep it?

Having my meals prepped like this was the best decision I made. As an athlete, it was so much more convenient for me to come back from training eat straight away. Rather than having to think of what to eat and then cook it all, I’ve been able to just come back and refuel straight away. 100% something I should have considered a long time ago, its left so much more time for me in the day to get other things done!

How did the meals taste?

Every time I ate one of my meals, I kept thinking to myself ‘are you sure this is healthy food’! I wouldn’t know where to start cooking healthy food with so much flavour. These guys have it all figured out. Being an athlete who as to hit a certain weight, I often eat dry and flavourless food when in a deficit. These meals were the complete opposite.

How did it help you fuel your workouts and recover?

Coming home from training and eating straight way, then using the time that I would have been cooking to rest instead has played a massive part in the recovery side of my training. I’ve progressed so much as an athlete doing it this way. Knowing I’ve got my meals sorted for whenever I need them and even delivered for me has been a real weight off my shoulders and given me more time to focus on other parts of my career that I sometimes don’t have the time for. With that, I’m always fuelled for every workout I do. My meals being ready for me helps me maintain a perfect routine.